Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Way The Internet Should Be

I’ve been plagued by something for a while now; when i type my name into Google none of it has anything to do with me. What the hell is the point of the internet if it’s not about me?
In fact the majority of it is about some douche guitarist who used to be in savage garden. No one cares Ben! They want to know more about me. Here is a screen grab of google search results as they stand today.

Obviously not that awesome. So here’s a much better version of how it should be.

Much better wouldn’t you agree?
Not only Google, but i think that everything on the internet should have to undergo some kind of censorship. Every link should in someway relate to me or link back to me (except for the ads about longer last sex, twilight fan pages and the apple home page, you can keep them).


  1. I need a furniture revivalist, I hear you are the one to talk to. :P

  2. bet your ass!
    I also do weddings and teach the occasional high school biology class =P

  3. Oh man, you made me laugh so much that I cried!!

  4. Glad to hear it =D
    It's good to come to terms with
    how the internet will look in a
    couple of years time =]

  5. hey, at least yours aren't all "busty anna angel has fun with her friends..." :P

    although, putting google on australia only setting brings up some of my stuff, which i guess is an okay compromise.

  6. Bahahaha!
    Oh Anna.
    More like "Young Vixen Anna Angel rides the big Dildo." =|

    If I put in Quaay 9 out of the 10 things are me. I'm proud of that.

    Hehe I didn't know you had a blog,
    this is totes awesome. Let's be
    blog friends :)