Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enough Said.


So I've spent most of this semester making games right,
Cuz i'm in a games course. Crazy right?
Anyway. We have been using a free game engine called Blender.
Now stop right there I know what you're thinking. Free? God how
many corners did they cut? Does it even run?

I'll have you know it's very reliable. It only gives me five to six
hundred error messages a day. It only locks up under the most extreme of circumstances. Like when you move and object or apply a texture.

In fact I would go so far as to say that the Blender engine
could be implemented into the Army's interrogation methods.
Cold, dark room with a bench and a computer with only Blender
and internet explorer on it. And Britney Spears' entire discography.
Tell them that they have to develop a game. I tell you,
they'd talk in a matter of hours.

Epic Pun Of The Week #3

The one you've all been waiting for!

Things Obama Can Do That McCain Can't

Living in Australia US politics don't have as much effect on me
as they would if I lived in America. And to tell you the truth I
don't really care. But I do find it interesting, and I suppose part
of me hopes that they'll do the right thing this time and elect the
guys with an IQ of over 40.

I was bored this morning and realized the election was looming,
so i checked out the last presidential debate. Boring as hell,
but there were some interesting points.I also noticed some key differences
between Obama and McCain.

Good points about Obama:

1. He can string a sentence together for one.

2. When his opponent is talking, he remains silent. McCain jumps around and cuts in like a 4 year old.

3. When he responds it is logical and respectful of his
opponent. McCain just repeats himself and hopes that
people will be bored into voting.

4. HE CAN SMILE! And no I'm not talking about that horrific
Terminator 2 smile which McCain forges.

Although, there is one very strong point about McCain:

He Down Wit Da Streets Fool!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Epic Pun Of The Week #2

So I couldn't be fucked waiting a whole week to put up the next one.


Okay so I posted a video on Youtube a while ago, it
was an experimental video for special effects which I
was into at the time. The funny thing is since then it has
received over 40,000 Views, the highest of any of my videos.
Unfortunately it's not because it's actually good. It's just because
every single 14 year old cunt from around the world feels like they
need to inform me that i am gay.

The inane comments started out innocent enough:

el stupido.

Kinda like your name?

ah usted viene el trabajo para mí, yo necesito vino para mis niños

Then came the plain stupid:

yeh cos a bullet comes out of a plastic gun with a red thing cover the hole. u think ur cool but u aint

Actually I couldn't be bothered getting a gun license to get a real one. Cuz that's what we have to do over here in Australia. And by the way I'm just testing. I didn't claim to think I'm cool, so keep your opinion to yourself.

I know what you're thinking. But Ben! Where are all the expletives?!
Admitably I was young and naive. The word cunt was a big no no
and i foolishly believed he might be a minority. I was wrong. It was
a wrong of epic proportions.

Then finally came the 'I'm so insecure about my own fucking sexuality,
i think i'll call someone else gay to make myself feel like more of a man' comments.

are you gay?

No. Why does it boost your own ego asking irrelevant and plan ridiculous questions?


LMFAO thats the gayest shit iv ever seen in my life you are deff top 10 faggots in the world

My Response:

Honda4LifeBaby Playing With His Penis Extensions


WTF you reterd that so fake i cant belive i wasted 10 seconds of my life watchin that shit i mean a gay man produced it rolf


you probably keep the gun in your ass for comfort and it looks like your boyfriend was infront of the gun taking the blow to the back of his throat


yep. Makes sense =)


quaaay? more like gay


yay! you got the pronunciation right.
Kudos, most people would say Kwai or some shit.

And then some just plain extreme ones.


this video makes me want to come up behind you and slit your throat.

Anyway, that's just a small fraction of all the hilarious comments on youtube.
If you don't believe it goes on for 20 pages. Here's the link
But hey lets face it. The idea for YouTube is amazing.
But about 1% of the comments are constructive.
It's about cheap laughs and majorities.
And all those juvenille little fuck bags
are safe behind their keyboard in some other
state or country. Their physical breakable bodies
safe from harms way.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Epic Pun Of The Week

Gratuitous Explanation


Ben. I have a background in games development and creative writing. (I have other backgrounds but none which I which to discuss here. For security reasons). That's a lie, I don't know why it's there.


Through the magic of the Interwebs any douche can set up a blog
to rant about stupid, useless shit.


Because I'm bored out of my skull. What do you want from me?


Brisbane Represent!