Friday, June 12, 2009

Fuck you Paul Roe!

You are probably wondering who the fuck Paul Roe is? If not then congratulations, you are really fucking retarded!
Paul Roe is the wiley, pig nosed son of a bitch who is standing between me and finishing my degree. He runs a fun little class called INB345 Mobile Devices. Sounds interesting right? WRONG. What INB345 essentially is, is a soap box for Paul’s own sickening infatuation with the fucking iPhone. Every fucking lecture he exclaims how wonderful it is and how it will save the world from hunger and cancer and all that shit. It’s like Jesus with a touch screen interface apparently. Anyway, every lecture consists of him and all the other Apple fanboys wanking off to the latest iPhone news and trying to spray the rest of the room with their disgusting, infectious juices. I realise that was gratuitously graphic but i just need to vent exactly how much i fucking hate the iPhone and everything it stands for, all the brainwashed peons who preach their fucking religion to everybody else. “Oh well the iPhone has an app for that”, “the iPhone can do this and that.” Yeah well in my professional opinion the iPhone can fucking eat a dick. A huge, veiny penis in fact.

Okay. [Takes Chill Pill]
I’ve just started studying for this bullshit exam tomorrow morning. Can you believe this, 8.30 AM on SATURDAY! and i have a god damn cold!
And now i’ve officially given up because every fucking slide is littered with iPod this and iPhone that. I just can’t be bothered. I mean, if passing this subject means sucking Apple’s large and unattractive dick then that’s a sacrifice i am not willing to make.

Seriously though. Next person who waves an iPhone in my face and tells me how great it is, is going to be spending a couple of nights in intensive care whilst the doctors marvel at just how i managed to shove the entire phone up their ass and contemplate how to get it out without Apple’s notoriously brittle glass breaking.



  1. Agree.

    iPhone has some nice stuff to offer but is it the be all and end all of interaction technology? I don't think so.

    Why disregard interaction options and devices to go to touch/movement based navigation? What about Christopher Reeve? Would he be able to do shit with an iPhone? No.

    I mean he's dead so that makes it hard now but before? Yeah not even when he was alive.

    I'm scared that educators are instilling in the minds of future interaction designers a deadly mantra of 'new innovation' and not looking at being truly innovative by adapating older, known technology for new and interesting uses? We're going to be leaving generations of people behind in our great 'technological revolution' and it's not good for the human race if we create a technological underclass.

    Call me a fool with an overactive imagination, but can anyone else see the comparison of using these new tools not everyone understands or can use as a mirror of the homo sapiens use of tools and weapons to become the dominant race from the neanderthals?

    Will those less fortunate be relegated to citizens who cannot operate in our supertech world? And thus become forgotten or worse, shunned form the greater community?

    Also, what is so wrong with nostalgia and enjoying the past technologies? We do it all the time but we can't create new stuff for nostlagia's sake?

    I hate QUT educators. Because it's new and shiny doesn't mean it's good or the be all and end all of everything ever.

  2. wow!
    well put matt =]
    I didn't know you were so verbose =D
    Couldn't have said it better myself,
    well without making gratuitous sexual
    connotations lol.

  3. well i'll be happy to make some gratutious sexual connotations :pppp