Friday, January 28, 2011

A Candid Interview With Djokovic

The truth? You want to know the truth? Well, where do I start...the truth is that as a player my game really isn’t as good as the other guys on the tour and after having lost to guys like Federer and Nadal so many times I realised I had enough of it. So instead of bouncing the ball maybe ten or twelve times, now I bounce it sixteen to twenty times and hope that my opponent has fallen asleep by the time I serve so that I get a free point. Might sound cheap, but you have to do what you have to do to win. 

Some people call me a smug git, and the truth is I am a smug git, but only when I’m winning. When things don’t go my way I like to scream and shout at my racquet, my shoes, my player’s box, the ball kids, anything helps. But you know, people don’t really give me enough credit I think because being a smug git all the time really takes its toll, especially when you see the fact that I am even a smugger git when I get off the court.

I like to think that I’m pretty funny, you know, I impersonate other tennis players a lot, especially the ones that are better than me like Nadal and Sharapova. But I think Nadal may have taken a bit of anger to my impersonation of him because he never let me win anymore. 

On winning, it seems like I only beat the top guys when they are sick or having an off day or maybe they feel a bit sorry for me being number three for like three years and only having one major which I pretty much win because I was the only man left who wasn’t sick, injured, or too nervous playing in first grand slam final. Last night before the match, I tease Roger about his daughter’s names and he didn’t take it as joke. He said to me, I will play at 60% of my best tonight and I will still win. I guess he needed 65%.

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