Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things Obama Can Do That McCain Can't

Living in Australia US politics don't have as much effect on me
as they would if I lived in America. And to tell you the truth I
don't really care. But I do find it interesting, and I suppose part
of me hopes that they'll do the right thing this time and elect the
guys with an IQ of over 40.

I was bored this morning and realized the election was looming,
so i checked out the last presidential debate. Boring as hell,
but there were some interesting points.I also noticed some key differences
between Obama and McCain.

Good points about Obama:

1. He can string a sentence together for one.

2. When his opponent is talking, he remains silent. McCain jumps around and cuts in like a 4 year old.

3. When he responds it is logical and respectful of his
opponent. McCain just repeats himself and hopes that
people will be bored into voting.

4. HE CAN SMILE! And no I'm not talking about that horrific
Terminator 2 smile which McCain forges.

Although, there is one very strong point about McCain:

He Down Wit Da Streets Fool!

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